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Our Unique Remake & Remodelling Service

Our flawless remodelling, restoration and remake service, will enable you to take your precious family heirlooms, and transform them into new wearable designs, keeping their sentimental value forever more.

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Passion, experience and reputation combine to bring back to life your favourite pieces or remodel former treasures into something new generations, will love forever.


Everything old is new again!

Jewellery can often represent precious moments in time or memories of loved ones’ so our jewellery redesign process allows you to preserve the sentiment and heritage of the original pieces, while giving you a brand-new piece you can cherish today.

Once you’ve gathered your inspiration – we would love to offer you a complimentary Redesign Consultation so that you can begin your journey.


Sometimes old jewellery loses it’s sparkle, that’s when you need to talk to us!

Precious heirlooms can be artfully repurposed and transformed into reloved modern classics that will continue to live on sustainably for years to come.
Let the expertise and experience of our master jewellers assist you to redesign and remodel your old favourite into something you’ll love even more.


Lovingly Handcrafted

No matter how big or small, every piece is treated with the utmost care, attention to detail and professionalism, prolonging the life of your most treasured pieces.
Our commitment to quality is second to none.
We are proud of our reputation for providing quality workmanship of the highest calibre, backed by generations of experience, using modern state of the art equipment, ancient techniques and the highest standards in craftsmanship that every piece that leaves our workshop, comes with a lifetime guarantee conditional upon making regular inspections*.
*guarantee conditional on making 6 monthly inspections.

Sharing your journey with you

Our master jewellers intelligently merge the worlds between creativity and construction to bring the vision of designs to life with the integrity and strength to last the test of time.

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