Our commitment to quality

At Staffords Jewellery we want you to have the best.

Only the finest quality jewellery and diamonds, sourced from around the world from the finest jewellers and diamond cutters.

We believe in excellence in all areas of our customer experience, which includes only the finest in workmanship, exceptional attention in quality customer service and excellence in quality diamonds, gems and all jewellery.

Our staff offer more than a combined century of jewellery experience which is unsurpassed in the Warrnambool region.  

In the original shopfront is where Tania Ludeman’s grandparents Perc and Edna opened Staffords Jewellery in the late 1940s.

“It’s a long-standing name in jewellery in Warrnambool and the district,” Tania says. 

Although she doesn’t describe herself as sentimental about the past, Ms Ludeman is fond of the original safe and stain glass windows, which remain from the old store. 

She started working there as a junior assistant after leaving school, and later came to manage the shop when her grandparents holidayed. 

Only now she says the jewellery industry is transformed, with pieces becoming far more individual and store layouts adding “experiences” to the shopping, compared to when her grandparents were in business. 

“I am a local person, my shop is very local and well known and I am proud to say I employee all Warrnambool people. Whereas all the jewellers in town are owned and operated by people who aren’t from Warrnambool,” she said.